Programme of certification
Our company has reached the higher level of the International Food standard because of the quality management system, the well-educated staff and the focus on our customers.
Almost all chain stores demand an IFS certification from their producers of food. The aim is to achieve more transparency, surety and hygiene within the food retail chain.

AMA stamp of approval programme
Furthermore our company takes an active part in the AMA stamp of approval programme. This stamp guarantees independent controls and stands for conventionally produced food, which meets above-average criteria of quality and which origin is comprehensible.

Organic food programme
In addition we also take an active part in the organic food programme which means that our company is controlled by the independent institute of LACON according to the strict act for bionomic generated foods.

Our own laboratory

We have our own laboratory, in which the product quality is constantly examined. This means that we can draw conclusions, above all, on the hygiene in our company. Thanks to the laboratory, we can be sure that deficient goods aren’t delivered.