Regionality is quality nearby

At the Fleischhof Raabtal, appreciation is essential. From the acceptance of the animals to packaging and shipping, everything is done with the aim of maintaining the highest quality. The meat of the animals raised around here is already excellent. Our job is to maintain the quality and continue the carefulness in production. Therefore, every single piece, every batch that leaves our house is checked several times, everything happens under our care. If the transport route is short, the quality is at hand.


Our values

The origin of our animals and products can easily be traced. Everything is from around here. We know the people, the animals, the soil, the fields, the air, the valley. Our commitment to quality is not only to the animals, but also to ethical and transparent sourcing of materials and feed, as well as honesty, change to low-impact packaging materials, fair pricing and healthy growth. We want to stay with these standards and always will do so.

Our mission is to maintain the quality and continue the carefulness in manufacturing.

Safety from our laboratory

In order to maintain the safety and integrity of our product quality, we check our work in our own laboratory. By checking the surface of the meat, we can ensure the appropriate standard of hygiene and accurately determine the shelf life. The meat should stay fresh for a long time, it tastes better that way.